Thursday, March 27, 2014

Juan Rulfo, the Centro Mexicano de Escritores, and the Cold War in the press

So what is Juan Bosch, chopped liver? He got meaningful CIA support, but no one has taken notice. However, the apparent oddity of Juan Rulfo having received CIA dollars, revealed in the essay I recently published with S-USIH, has been making the rounds in the Mexican and international press. Here were some of the early stories.

Then Alejo Schapire of Radio Francia Internacional sent me some interesting follow-up questions, and the interview was published here.

Geney Beltrán Félix did another interview for Confabulario de El Universal, which appeared alongside a translation of the S-USIH essay.

If anyone else in the press wants to talk to me about this, please get in touch through twitter or one of my email addresses, such as [firstname] . [lastname] @ gmail.

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