Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby II

Did you find this page after reading a harrowing account of the last couple of months of my life? Welcome: your prize is this cute picture of my baby.


Joe Bongers said...

I did! Thanks, very cute. Great article. Best of luck to you.

Patrick Iber said...


Seashell said...

Earlier today, I received an email reply from my literary theory professor. Basically she tells me that she's disappointed at my "inconsistent understanding" of class materials. Since then I have been in an utterly demoralized mode for the whole day. Unable to think. Unable to concentrate. Unable to write something decent. Can't even enjoy the dinner food. Two years of doctoral studies, still feel like I am a complete idiot most of times. Randomly googled some "quit academe" articles and encountered your writing on Slate. First I was in tears, and then, for some unknown reason, I felt much better. In our lives, there are many many things which are much more important than professors' harsh comments and some convoluted theories. I'm not going to torment myself simply because I can't understand Derrida or Lacan or Freud correctly.
Thanks for your great article.