Friday, June 30, 2006


Well, I´m safely in Argentina and I´ve finally figured out how to eat. I´ve got a grocery store and two excellent vegetarian restaurants within a few blocks. And an internet place with broadband, so it´s not too hard to post here. I may be able to pass along some pictures within a few days.

A couple of interesting bits thus far: Buenos Aires´s recycling program consists of people picking through the trash after the sun goes down. They then resell the goods they find to recycling firms, making a few dollars. Apparently this phenomenon has increased dramatically since the financial crisis eight or so years ago. Another sign that I´m not quite in the United States anymore is that the more expensive clothes (fancy European suits for about $100) are on sale in six installment payments, as are shoes and the like. Also every TV set in the city was tuned to today´s world cup loss, and lots of yelling could be heard everywhere at critical moments during the game. A small crowd turned out at the traditional point of celebration, the Obelisk, to celebrate even though Germany eliminated Argentina on penalty kicks. Alas.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


This is a blog for family and friends. I'll post on travel and personal news. Look for more posts in July and August as I travel in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.