Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dad's visit, Indiana dunes

Dad visited from Florida this weekend, and we traveled to the Indiana Dunes. It's a national park along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, where the winds deposit much of the sand that the lake generates. Northeast Indiana is quite of an industrial mess (quite a bit of out-of-sight power generation for Chicago, I think), and in parts of the park you can see the industrial and nuclear plants. But in the middle of the woods, you'd never know it. At any rate, we went to "Mt. Baldy," the 125-foot tall shifting sand dune at the edge of the park. Experience suggests that as you try to climb it, you sink back about 90% of every step, meaning that climbing it feels like ascending something ten times the height. At the summit, there are some reeds attached that the wind blows around to etch out a circle in the sand (seen at the top). Closer to the shore, I found a bottle in the sand that turned into a little photography project.

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