Sunday, October 08, 2006

Botanic gardens

After taking Dad back to the airport (thanks for the visit, Dad!) we decided to take advantage of our proximity to the Chicago Botanic Garden to visit it for the first time. Nicole describes it as something of a Disneyland of plants, in the sense that it has little regions with different themes in them--a Japanese Garden, an English Walled Garden, a Fruit & Vegetable Garden, etc. As you can see, there are some beautiful fall colors beginning to appear, and so the park was very busy. (The cloudless skies and temperatures around 70 also contributed drawing in the crowd.) The garden sits on 385 acres and claims to have more than two million plants. I'm quite sure this number doesn't include the blades of grass. At any rate, we enjoyed our visit and I suspect we'll be going back there with some regularity as the seasons change. Chicago's such a big city, though, and it takes us about an hour to get there...the same time that it takes us to reach the Indiana Dunes I wrote about below. Each places has its merits. Here are few more of those found at the Garden:

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Nicole said...

Beautiful photos! It was a beautiful day and a wonderful place, too.