Friday, January 22, 2010


We were mostly traveling on a budget, but went on one boat tour and it was well worth it. We took a disposable underwater camera. As always, such pictures don't turn out too well, but you can get some idea of how great the snorkeling was. This is from Captain Cook's bay, where Cook was killed. It's difficult to get a sense of the depth, but the reef structure just disappeared into the murk...maybe 50 feet down? Maybe more?

We then traveled south a bit to Honaunau, where the water was even clearer.

There were spinner dolphins in Honaunau, resting and playing in the bay (they're technically nocturnal animals). I spent several minutes swimming in the deep water, looking around for fins where I could see them and swimming in their direction. Eventually I was surrounded by groups of dolphins, who must be pretty used to snorkelers in this area and didn't seem to care about my presence one way or the other.

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