Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gazing globe 3 seasons

I've got three seasons of gazing globe pictures now from the same rotting log in Jackson Park. Out of context of the other pictures we took on those days fall and summer look pretty similar, but there's a kind of brightness and warmth in the summer photo that comes through nicely. (Particularly on a day like today, when we took the winter photo!) This project is basically turning into an ode to temperate climates. And Hyde Park.





Mary said...

Beautiful commentary on many levels, including the title of your globe! It will be fun to see spring's look. The recent snow in Mount Vernon is beautiful. Wish you and Nicole were here for more sledding. ;-)

Patrick said...


The name "gazing globe" isn't mine, apparently it's what these things are called. Originally, they were used in upper-class gardens so that the serving staff could monitor guests without having to look at them directly.

double shot said...

Very nice photos with the diffrence weather.
For me, it's difficult to take a photo with the reflex thing. But you can took the photos which show the image on the ball.