Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Indiana picture, part II

On the way back from Grandma's, we drove through Brown County in central Indiana. It's the...Napa Valley (?) of central Indiana, so it should be beautiful. It is also, however, the ugliest time of year. It was warm, though, and we stopped for a walk in a state park. I set myself the challenge of finding beautiful things in these moments that are post-snow but pre-wildflowers. I decided to seek out interesting textures, and to use close-ups as much as possible.

Vote for your favorite in comments.
No. 1:

No. 2:

And no. 3:


Nicole said...

i vote for #3!

Patrick said...

#3 wins!!1!

thanks democracy!

Anonymous said...

the polls are still open.
i vote for #2!
democracy--at a stand-off.
i love democracy.
yammering hank.

Patrick said...

uh oh - now it's like the 2008 democratic primary!

Patrick said...

with a fuzzy piece of moss reprising the role of john edwards, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I love the color green in #1 (is it creeping phlox?), but when I saw #3, I knew I had to vote for it. The light shines through making what even might be considered a defect ever so beautiful.