Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I think I'm done with my research here in Ithaca, so it's on to New York where there are five or six sites that I need to consult. I don't have any new photos from today, so I'll post another one from yesterday - one that shows the scale of the waterfalls shown below. I was standing on the bridge you see at the left, more or less showing what happens to the lake once it begins to fall away. Cornell University used to use this waterfall for hydraulic power, thus the deteriorating building on the right, which is almost my favorite part of the view.

After work today I walked down the hill about a mile to Ithaca's downtown, where I had dinner at the Moosewood Restaurant, surely the world's most famous vegetarian's not a vegetarian restaurant. But they do serve the world's most famous vegetarian food! One of the restaurant ideas I like best is to offer only 4 entrees, but change the menu twice a day, every day. Tastes like the cookbook!


Anonymous said...

I like your photos, Patrick. They're gorges. Enjoy your stay in Ithaca.


Patrick said...

Thanks! I really enjoy trying to take some good pictures. I'm also adjusting to a new camera, which is more powerful than the one that I had before. But I could probably have gotten more contrast with the sky on this one...there's a lot to still learn.