Friday, January 18, 2008

New pantry shelving

So, after we did the floors in the pantry the shelves looked woeful. They were warped, wrapped in ugly faux-wood paper, and wedged into a crumbling wall. So they became the target of the latest condo modernization project, and perhaps the last one of any great significance: the previous owners did a lovely job with the kitchen and the bathroom, leaving only the pantry in a state of yuck. Here is the way things were, taken without flash to exaggerate the ugliness. The first picture shows in the inside of the pantry with from the kitchen. When you walk into the pantry and look to the left, you see the view in the second picture.

The old shelving had been attached with old wood nailed to the wall, and much of this wood was splintering, and much of the plaster was crumbling. I decided to remove the wood from the wall. Since it was in truly bad shape, chunks of wall came off with the planks. The next step was, then, to spackle and compound the wall back to health and even things out a bit, followed by coats of paint to make that side of the wall match its opposite, which we had painted when we replaced the floors. Because we didn't want the wall to support the new shelving, we bought a freestanding unit. It cost more, but seems much more stable. We're more organized, have a lot more storage space, and are finished with our pantry renovations!


Nicole said...

huge kudos to patrick for bringing this project to completion in under a week! we originally just wanted to get a box to put our hats and scarves in, but the container store was having a big sale ... i was worried when the walls started crumbling, but patrick, thank you for your dedication (painting at 7:00am!) and handiness. :) we really do have a lot more space (it's almost magical), and it looks great.

Anonymous said...

amazing--looks like one of those tv makeovers, from an ugly duckling to the proverbial prize cow that jack took to market.
just yammering hank.