Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The sunlight came through the window and hit the little statue of Don Quixote that I keep on the bookshelf in what struck me as an interesting way today, so, for no particular reason:


Anonymous said...

nice photo.
also appreciate your and nicole's composting efforts. didn't realize how much snow you all have gotten.
quick question from a curious not named george--
regarding the photo of the snow covered bin, is there stuff already composting inside?
merry christmas (we have been officially advised that, out here in the left coast, "merry christmas" is politically incorrect and that we should instead use "happy holidays". however, i sometimes feel compelled to "stick it to the man.")
just yammering.

P said...

I think The Man has a lot of sticks in him by now, but poke away.

As to the composting, yes, there is some stuff in there. We mix kitchen scraps with yard waste (lots of fallen leaves) to decrease the smell. It's too cold to generate the heat to make compost - however, as I understand it, if the compost is wet enough the freezing, unfreezing, and refreezing that will take place over the winter will break down the food and make the composting happen faster when spring comes and the temperatures rise.