Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hurricane Dean

Well, Hurricane Dean hit the Yucatan, went across the gulf, and has now hit central Mexico. According to the link there, the eye of the hurricane passed within 95 miles of Mexico City. Thus it has been raining here all day, though there have been no high winds. It feels strange - during the summer here it rains every afternoon. But it started to rain at four in the morning, and hasn't stopped since. I went to the National Library anyway, which is down on the enormous campus of the main public university of Mexico, the UNAM, which has almost 300,000 students. Next to the library is a something like an ecological reserve, with a number of beautiful sculptures. Here's a picture of one of the flowers there (which actually do a remarkably job of matching the sculptures around them), with the library in the background.
Everything should be normal by the time I leave on Friday.

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