Monday, May 07, 2007

Crazy Ads of the World, Part II

Following up on the success of my "Nuts 5 Nuts" post, I have another blurry picture to show to you. As mentioned in the post below, I've been in Washington, DC. I was staying with friends (thanks S&S!) at a condo in Georgetown. Behind the condo building there is an empty parking lot, and a small delivery-only pizza place that opens (on the other side, not shown here) to a major street. So this place, shown here with the small red awning, has one or two delivery cars that come around here to the back to pick up the pizzas that they deliver. Other than that, the parking lot is always empty. There used to a video rental store that brought some cars, apparently, but it's out of business. About a week into my trip, I noticed that orange sign go up behind the tree, on the fence next to the dumpster. It's an advertisement for a new kind of pizza, selling for $10.99. But here's the thing: no one can see this ad. It can be seen from a) this balcony, b) the balcony just below it, and that's it. Below there, other trees block the view. There are no houses that could see this sign. There may be an adjacent condo or two that could also see it. Maybe four people, who already live next to the pizza place.
After I saw this, I kept my eye open for further occurrances. On the bus one day, I noticed that another franchise storefront from the same pizza chain had the very same sign displayed in the front. So my best guess is that the pizza company sent out the ads, requiring all the franchises to post them. However, since the front of this store was just too small, being delivery-only, it had to hang it on the fence. In the back. Where 4 people can see it.

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