Friday, June 30, 2006


Well, I´m safely in Argentina and I´ve finally figured out how to eat. I´ve got a grocery store and two excellent vegetarian restaurants within a few blocks. And an internet place with broadband, so it´s not too hard to post here. I may be able to pass along some pictures within a few days.

A couple of interesting bits thus far: Buenos Aires´s recycling program consists of people picking through the trash after the sun goes down. They then resell the goods they find to recycling firms, making a few dollars. Apparently this phenomenon has increased dramatically since the financial crisis eight or so years ago. Another sign that I´m not quite in the United States anymore is that the more expensive clothes (fancy European suits for about $100) are on sale in six installment payments, as are shoes and the like. Also every TV set in the city was tuned to today´s world cup loss, and lots of yelling could be heard everywhere at critical moments during the game. A small crowd turned out at the traditional point of celebration, the Obelisk, to celebrate even though Germany eliminated Argentina on penalty kicks. Alas.


Nicole said...

doesn't alas mean wings?

so glad you're safe and sound. maybe you should buy a suit!


mom said...

sorry about the deleted comment; that was me just playing around with what I can and cannot do in these comments. I didn't realize it would leave traces, or maybe they disappear later. It was a bit intimidating to have to set up my own blog to be able to post comments here. I am looking forward to hearing more from you, and seeing photos, too.